Kota Bunga

Kota Bunga Resort

The flowers city “Kota Bunga”

“Kota” means city in Indonesian language and “Bunga” means flower. All Diar’s villas are located in Kota Bunga

Picture of Kota Bunga gate

Localization: Puncak-Cipanas

From Jakarta: 63 km

From Sukarno-Hatta airport: 78km

2 hours by car (without traffic)

700 meters

The Kota Bunga resort is considered to be amongst the biggest tourist resort in Indonesia. It surface reach the 170 hectare (1.700.000 m2) one million and seven hundred thousand square meter.
Kota Bunga project has been finished in 1993 and it’s well known to tourists and above all families for its advantages which can’t be found in any other places. This is due its special location and its proximity to services and tourist places such as waterfalls and the flowers city “Taman Bunga” and so on…
The numbers of villas in Kota Bunga is over 2600 villas and these villas have different surfaces and designs and rooms number and they are also different in quality and cleanness.

The design of the Kota Bunga resort has been realized in a genius engineer way where they cared about facilities for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians.
The resort is surrounding by river borders and green mountain heights.
About the design side the villas had been designed according to the word design countries, that’s why each block refers to a specific country design, chinese design, japanese, thailand, mexican and so on, which makes the resort more beautiful.
Also the resort is divided into neighborhoods and each neighborhoods has its own gate and security.

The entrance to the Kota Bunga resort :

The Kota Bunga resort has been fenced by a wall all around and we access to the resort by 2 gates.
The firs gates is open 24H and the second gate is open from 6 am to 6pm. And to enforce the security passes are distributed for each cars when the pass through the gates and the data of each cars are registered. When the car leave the resort the driver must return back the pass.

The weather in Kota Bunga :

The resort is situated in Puncak Cipanas where the climat is tropical, the temperatures are between 30 and 18 degrees Celsius during all the year.
The season is divided into 2 season: rainy and dry.
The rainy season usually starts on November until April and the rain becomes strong in February. During the dry season the rains become lighter and this season usually starts in August.
The resort is divided by 2 rivers and you find in its middle 3 big ponds with beautiful views on the mountains and rice fields.

Security in the region :

Indonesia in general is considered a high-security country where in 2018 it was ranked 55 out of 163 countries in the index of global peace according to the statistics of the Wikipedia site.

The Cipanas region (including the Kota Bunga Resort) is also safe because of the rareness of its crime rate

Entertainment and amusement :

In addition to the fun of touring the resort, there are other entertainment options available:

Swimming pool for adults and children: for a small fee.

Stadium Ground Tennis: Amateur of this game can enjoy it for a nominal fee

Children’s playground: In a pleasant family atmosphere you can enter this park with your children and give them a chance to play various games.

Little Venice Lake: Spend some time with your family and children in the sessions overlooking this beautiful lake, and take a tour of the lake by enjoying boats and water bikes.

For sports enthusiasts enjoy several exercise options in this beautiful atmosphere, through:

• Walking
• Horseback riding: where people provide horses ready to ride and enjoy

where the pathways paved and equipped help for such types of sports this without cost or hardship slopes and heights

Shopping Services :

Within the resort there are (3) supermarkets, clothing shows and small restaurants, and there are various bazaars during holidays

Transportation :

Although the availability of drivers with their cars, many tourists prefer to move nearby by themselves, as renting a motorcycle wich is available in many places in the resort and for a fee wich is considered very appropriate.
You can rent hourly or daily.

The small yellow or blue mini bus is also widely available on the road next to the resort and next to the gates, where a person can travel with them within the Cipanas area or go to nearby areas such as Cianjur and Sukabumi.