Near markets

The markets are close to Kuta Bunga, the resort where all Diyar villas are located.

As soon as you leave the resort gates, you will find all the services and consumer goods you need, which you can reach by foot, bike or motorcycle.
The goods including the vegetable and fruit market.

Photo of the vegetable and fruit markets

Sheep sheds, Arab grocery stores, clothing and telephony store, money changers, restaurants and other services.
However the famous supermarkets in Indonesia are the twin supermarket (Indomaret and Alfamart), where most of what the shopper needs can be found.

Indomaret logo
Alfamart logo

GSP Market :

The resort is three kilometers (about 5 minutes by car), a popular three-store market, suitable for those looking for low-price goods

Cipanas Market :

Is a 20-minutes far from Kota Bunga resort, popular four-floor market with a parking basement with all kinds of consumer goods, clothing, gold, hardware, vegetables, meat, fish, and many other shops.

Raja.Fo and Roof Park :

Is a 15-minutes drive away from Kota Bunga resort and is one of the best boutiques in Puncak Cipanas. It is suitable for those who are looking for clothes, shoes, bags and high-end gifts. Also meals and coffee can be enjoyed at the rooftop of the Roof Park Restaurant.

Brasco Store :

Add to the good clothes, bags, souvenirs and gifts available in this store, you can enjoy the restaurant, coffee tables and gourmet chocolates, which are manufactured and processed in a small lab in the same location.

DSE store :

Clothes, shoes, bags and sportswear