Terms and Conditions

This agreement specifies the agreements, services and guarantees between the buyer and the DiyarVillas website.

Definitions :
Website: The website you are browsing now, known as “Diyar Villas”, and the website address on the Internet is www.diyarvillas.net.

Tenant:  the person who makes the reservation through the customer’s account on the site or as a visitor to book a villa with DiyarVillas company located in the state of Indonesia.

Site services :
DiyarVillas website offers a daily or monthly online villa rental service, and upon the request of the client (registrant or guest) to book any villa from DiyarVillas on the website; The Diyar Villas website will refer the request to the staff in Indonesia to make the reservation of the villa while providing the tenant requests available upon request as much as possible, without any responsibility for providing some or all of the other services except for reserving any villa of the company.

DiyarVillas site commitments  :

  • Diyar Villas is committed to protecting the rights of the buyer and securing services related to reservations, tourism services or advertising services, in partnership with the relevant authorities.
  • Your use of the site means your acceptance and commitment to all the terms of this agreement.
  • By entering and using the site, you acknowledge and agree, without making any modification and without any restrictions or alteration, to the terms and conditions contained in this (agreement).
  • You acknowledge and guarantee your legal right to enter into this agreement and use the website in accordance with all terms and conditions contained therein.
  • Diyar Villas website strives as much as possible to provide the information on its site with extreme accuracy. However, some errors may appear from time to time. Diyar Villas and any of its partners can be responsible for any error in the information on the website.
  • Any information and other materials on the site are provided with complete trust, and by using the site you agree and acknowledge that updates may be made to it, or changes to the terms and conditions or customer service policy, or any other information, may be made at any time without prior notice.
  • The Diyar Villas website uses all means to ensure the readiness of the site and the availability of related services to the customer.
  • However, it is not possible to guarantee that the site will operate permanently or without interruption.
  • Diyar Villas website does not make any guarantees about the reliability, accuracy, or absence of such programs from viruses.
  • Diyar Villas site will do its best for distinguished operation and does not guarantee the presence of a defect or error in the content, display materials or offers, and therefore the site does not bear any errors resulting from a defect in programming or due to external attacks or force majeure reasons beyond control.
  • By using the Diyar Villas website, you agree to use the site for personal and non-commercial use.
  • Not to make any fictitious, speculative, or in anticipation of the request, as it is possible for Diyar villas to cancel all confirmations related to many reservations that may result in harm or offense to them or to their customers and interests.

It is your personal responsibility to comply with all special terms and conditions, such as full payment of all amounts due in a timely manner with approval and without conditions or restrictions on all rules related to the availability of prices, products and services, all fees, estimated tax value, fees and taxes arising from using the site.

· Don’t download any files carrying computer viruses or programs designed to harm the site or limit its work.

· Don’t post or download any material that is defamatory, offensive, harmful, offensive, or containing a threat, or any other illegal information.
· Don’t threaten, abuse or attack the rights of others, including their individual rights.
· Don’t obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the site or any account of a member present on the site, or to impersonate any personality or distort the membership with another person.
· Don’t undertake any illegal actions that may cause any liability on the part of Diyar Real Estate Company.
· Don’t download or attach files that include software or other materials protected by intellectual property rights laws (or any private or public rights) unless the user owns or controls the rights or has all the approvals as required by law.
· Do not download or attach any files that contain any viruses, corrupted files, or any similar software or programs that may cause damage to the operation of another computer.
· Do not use this website and any of its contents for commercial purposes.
· Do not copy any content or information from this site in any way without express written permission.
· Do not violate the restrictions on the site or any bypass or circumvent the breach of other measures used to prevent or restrict access to this site.
· Do not merging any part of this website with any other website without prior written permission.

Do not add, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share the following:

  • ~ Information that belongs to another person and that the user does not have any right to keep.
  • ~ Information that deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of this message or any information that is offensive or of a threatening nature.
  • ~ Information that threatens the unity, integrity, defense, or security of states or any public order, or causes incitement to commit any crime.
  • ~ Information through which a certain personality is impersonated.

If it appears to Diyar Villas that you have violated any of these terms and conditions, tampered with intent or unintentionally, or attempted to offend in any way when you use the site, it reserves the right to:

  • Delete any materials or content posted by you without warning.
  • Taking legal and policy measures, including stopping or restricting your access to the site or preventing you from using it.
  • Cancel any reservations that you may have made, without referring to you.
  • Report your activities to the ISPs or the appropriate authorities.
  • Take legal action against you.
  • All contents of the Diyar Villas website are subject to copyright.
  • This website is for personal, not commercial use. You may not modify, copy, display, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell any information, programs, products or services obtained from the site.
  • This website and the names of the companies with which we have a partnership, and any other product or trade name related to Diyar villas is one of our trademarks or our registered trademarks.
  • By using the mobile services, you acknowledge and agree that Diyar Villas has no obligation to repair, support, improve or update the mobile phone service or provide all or any specific content via the mobile service.
  • In addition, you acknowledge and agree that we may access, collect and use data that may include personal information that the mobile device automatically provides to our applications and websites.
  • Payment is accepted using most credit or debit cards, without any liability to us for banking problems, exchange companies, or money transfer sites, programs and applications.
  • Payment is accepted via credit cards issued from various countries, and we may keep some credit cards issued from certain countries that are prohibited for use on our website and are not permitted during the reservation process. Your credit or debit card will be charged when you book. Diyar Villas does not bear any responsibility and is not responsible for any loss, damage, unauthorized entry related to credit or debit card data. It is not responsible for your decision to use credit or debit card information on this site.
  • We will use our best efforts to maintain confidentiality when making online payments. This includes the confidentiality of credit card information and personal information. If your reservation shows signs of fraud or abuse, or suspicious activity, it is possible for Diyar Villas to cancel the reservation that matches your name, email, or account, and the site may verify your credit card if you have performed any fraudulent activity, and we reserve The right to take legal action, and you may be liable for any monetary losses to the site, including litigation costs and damages.
  • Diyar Villas reserves the right to take all necessary steps to ensure confidentiality, security and integrity of the system while taking care of our customers and protecting their information. To this end, we may take a variety of procedures to verify and confirm the validity of the requests placed by you. If Diyar Villas, according to its discretion, acknowledge that the purchase transaction made by it is not or does not appear clearly as original, reliable, executable or usable, it is possible for it to cancel the reservation at any time prior to the expected arrival date of any property booked. Across our site.
  • As a condition of using this website, you agree to prevent harm from us and indemnify us from any obligations, losses, claims, expenses (including legal fees) and damages (whether direct or indirect) that arise from claims resulting from your use of this website, including without limitation any claims Includes substantiated allegations that constitute a breach of this Agreement on your part.
  • Diyar Villas will not be liable to you in any case for any direct or indirect damages that may result from this agreement, the services, the site or any other links on the site, or through the use or inability to use the services or the site is in any case, and therefore Diyar Villas, or any of its partners, managers, employees, agents, third-party partners, or suppliers are not liable to you for all damages, liabilities, losses, and claims arising from or due to access to this agreement, or the services, or the use or inability to use the services on this site or any other links on the site, and any interaction on the site in any form, whether in contracts, or damages, including negligence, breach of legal liability, compensation, or otherwise.
  • To cancel the reservation or freeze the account, please contact the customer service, and we completely disclaim our responsibility for any claims to recover the amounts of reservations that we did not agree to cancel or that did not reach us for any reason or that contain a violation of our terms in whole or in part, or that arrived and did not take place. Accepting the request to cancel it, freeze it, or compensate for it in a formal and written form. It does not fall under the guarantee and responsibility of the Diyar Villas location and does not bear the delay that occurs when the tenant arrives, and the tenant must arrive at the time specified during the reservation. Applications or correspondence made outside the site and outside the scope of the website e-mail or the customer service via WhatsApp: 006285888404040 or through our authorized agents are not accepted.